If your community is interested in a 'Cane Toad Overload' presentation, email us at info@PeskyVarmintsFL.com for more information. See how you and your neighbors can get involved in the fight against these pesky toxic toads!


The toxin from these toads can kill your furry family member. Here are some helpful tips to prevent that from happening: 

- Always walk your dog on a leash and     watch where they sniff around. 

- Walk with a flashlight during early   morning and late evening hours. 

If the toxin from the toads gets into your pets mouth, here are some recommendations:

- Wipe their mouth out with a clean, dry rag. 

- Wash their mouth out with water at an angle so they DO NOT swallow any of it. 

- Get them to a Vet's office immediately. 


These toads are a threat to Florida's Ecosystem. Not only will the toxin poison our wildlife, they are eating them too!

Toxin from the Cane Toads:

Click Here  for more Cane Toad Info! 

Cane Toad Overload! 

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